i think the clouds cry tears of laughter

i had a lot of errands to run on foot today, and skies seemed partly cloudy. i had to get Toto’s key copied and that was a bit of a walk. stopped for a paleo breakfast and decided to revisit the liquor store my father once forbid me from going back to.. (aside: when my Gargoyle passed away from meatspace, he brought me to this liquor store to take my pick. however, i spent too much time dwelling on things and my dad realized the clerk was suspiscious.)  I asked him if they had any chambord since my lovely jug is circling the drain, and there were two of the legacy bottles (the kind with the ornaments instead of the new labels) so i bought both.

i paid, stepped outside and it starts sprinkling as i trek home with my chin up….

I can’t wait to see my (omfgiamoverjoyedexplodinghappyholyfuckingshit) sister …what shall I name her. WHAT DO I NAME HER?! hmmm. I’ll let her name herself 🙂 I GET TO SEE HER THIS WEEKEND and she’ll help me drink the things. And hug me tight and help me calm all the sads and anxieties and remind me that I live in the world, and I get to see her service dog too. SHE PROMISED ME SHE’LL TEACH ME TO SHOOT. :LSKDJF:LKSDJF:LKSDJF:LKSDJF I wish there was time to do that this visit.

Trying to ignore the impending holiday… I never celebrate it quite the same. I don’t like candy, I don’t like to pretend that eve is hallowed at all.. now… the day of the dead, I’m all for that shit.

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