maybe through the looking glass, maybe not the future?

i suddenly realized i was swimming, or being held underwater, and holding my breath, and i believe my first instinct was to have grace and not panic but to focus and not let my heart rate spike. i was immediately aware that this was a testing facility and that this was not an attempt to kill me. except that something was wrong. he was evaluating me alone, he had no assistants or supervisors. my “astral consciousness” allowed me to distress cry to a nearby plainclothes veteran fellow who immediately broke through the window and helped me climb into the back of a jeep that was headed to a market. i don’t even remember any details about any augmentations or what kind of body i was in during this dream.
the next thing i knew, someone had helped me find a temporary shelter and a couple people were keeping me company and were pretty fascinated with where i had come from. however i was tired, after laying still to receive data over copper wires that couldn’t be extended for some reason, for what felt like a couple hours. i had about 20 minutes left when that was done and they said i could do whatever i wanted.. i asked if there was World of Warcraft there. they said yes, but it was a bit different from what i knew. i was handed a box. “level 90? i’ve got some catching up to do..” for the record, i had this dream in 2008 towards the end of burning crusade when the maximum level was 70. i also haven’t really played world of warcraft since 2011.

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