I still can’t cure poison, it’s not in my power –but I can barter for the antidote.

When it began, I was messing with a houseplant. Outside of the window were three young boys playing with a crossbow – and then they shot me in the head. As I was passing out of this world, I saw them worried about getting caught, one of them was crying. Then my dad found me, and they shot him too. I remember being angry that the last thing my dad ever did was discover my dead body.

And then we were in purgatory. It was a literal waiting room – a bunch of strangers were also there. At first I still had my cell phone.. But it was minkled. I told it to quit being a perv, and two teenage girls were acting all high and mighty accusing me of being a perv. I was irate and yelled at them with wrath in my head, and poof. They disappeared. An old woman sitting next to me told me “you didn’t have to kill them!” I was confused. I had just killed them? She went on to say “In purgatory there are consequences to your actions. Check your wrath, young lady.”

Not long after, the three boys showed up in purgatory. I was furious, but dad wanted to forgive them. In purgatory, dad could walk again. Anyway, dad and I left the room and went to the parking lot where we found a car dad was able to start. He drove me all the way to the LEELA message on the mountain in Juarez so I could see the city lights. But then we got shot again and were back in the waiting room.

This waiting room was different. The old one was hazy and had windows. This one was white and had no windows. But there were scraps of paper, pens, and an office plant in there. There was also a man and woman who seemed to have some authority over the goings on. Apparently my dad and I were supposed to pray to the domed temple for protection, but prostrating in the Islamic tradition.

I tried to make notes in the dream but this got me in trouble, and purgatory got reset. This time when I started taking notes, all of my words would become redacted immediately. The man of authority kept the three boys preoccupied and the woman was explaining to me not to waste my time writing notes.

One of the boys decided to make PBJs for everyone. I refused to eat one but other people did, including my dad. Apparently they were poisoned. I found my dad dead again and wanted revenge. I hatched a plan, but not long after this I woke up.

–15 July 2017

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