Consciousness..yes? Your consciousness or my consciousness?

It’s tempting, but I can’t write about Remote Viewing.  This is a rule I have managed to weasel around by writing in multiple perspectives, which can get really tricky. Going back and reading it is kind of agitating to me with my thoughtstream trying to purify its dichotomy.  Trying to comb out the spiders.  Yeah. The really vicious ones.  So much tense. The zone 9 test? Trying to keep the speech of angels free is what I believed in. Somehow it didn’t fall flat. I was blessed and illuminated, maybe people thought Alternate Reality Game.

I have this memory that is just precious to me. 15 minutes that fractured and split off in two. some misunderstood niche poet and a nerd… bending time. I felt like I’ve lost it over and over again, the marble. Marbles make terrible totems. But so do pills, and I don’t want to overexcite my weak kokoro heart so i have to take them to keep these thoughts in packets. And worlddream is something I savor as hard as I can when I return to it. When I was in new york with lynnie (impossible) tender from youth and the aftereffect of radiosonics experiments, I’m so confused about my early twenties.  I just have to remember how precious the dream time I spent in New York was. Here’s an assignment for anyone who actually is trying to wrap their brains around this now that I’ve broken the 4th wall. the thing is, it’s hard to trap an idea by any means and inception is really about creating a sophisticated design.  Not pattern, design.  It is fractal in nature, and the beauty is the infinite’s gift to us – the human experience.

Here’s what sucks most of all, mirror, we misgendered two posts in a row which cancels the marble out. Lesson Learned.

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