okay, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life– and i’m feeling good.

The pot has been stirring for a long time now but I am here. I’ve been on medication now since 2014.  it’s been up and down, and mostly down, but i want to create universes again. keeping them free of poison is my challenge, and what i find hardest is keeping my self image in check.  Meditating is hard. But I’m doing it again. so here I am again typing to the world within this sphere. the weird.  it’s just that i have to keep combing the weird from the blossoms.  this is the only login i have left. gender is wrong. this is abuse of a pen name. i’m aware. i’ll try to fix it.

jury duty came up again. i really need it to be something i can manage just in case i do get called. i could not pry any old secrets from my one note journal and it is not one i can put into the wired. it’s just not worth your time, much like most of this stuff isn’t worth anyone’s time. time is money, friend.  oh, and i forgot to mention, nothing but cigarette sale spam on the comments so far. i think we’ve found our public alone place.

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