she saved it for later

later, lincoln logged. he pursed his eyebrows at the pun she’d inevitably saddled him into. if ignorance is bliss, and redundancy increases data integrity, we had rows of angry and furious databases full of ideas at the ready for the impending rally.  we wanted to wake up, we had a reason, we had purpose that went beyond promises.  we just didn’t know that there would not be enough oxygen in the mix and the aergel we were prepared for wasn’t so easy to aspirate.  it was a hard set of conditions to adjust to, but we all survived the recovery transition.

i’m alone once more, female as always, and no alignment can be inscribed. i’ve been throwing the boomerang out every night and dais, but no dice. i may be a rare one but i’m always going to be someone’s cliche. i have another maneuver to make but i feel fear for what the fool’s forgotten. i’m only as sincere as the ramifications of departure can ink me to be..

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