method of a maverick ®

first the cleftmeadow and next the wall socket, the zoetrope finds itself unwhirled in its original state of fluid discs.

secondhand a string quadradth, slopes decay in the urbanalysis of silv’strummd plateaue

na-hayal verid-eyes’ inheritance slugs naught in the view-red reared; it’s ugly head, Sid my amorous m’Eire.

two hundred cigarwords later i’m not even an aspirant to know the life of Rhett. didn’t even want to remember the hayalei corps from what limited a whirled it wharfed. cadavers love lingo and lie in wait with the lions’ hate. better watch yourself because the spiegel has landed.

seizure searching for answers, clues haven’t flavours of words. i’m just another one of those spiders that couldn’t even see a world in which the statue of liberty actually exists, except when it’s on a movie.  downtown is aft; wall street at the mast- severanced to hold the chambers with fully loaded revolvers.

i’m usually too useless to write a whole entire book, and i have no reason to believe that this one will be any different, amorsscienti mahalo septourro hedron assuaging nottingheil. a re-code for every snow day we didn’t honestly snow.

due what thou wilt; tell them what i’ve found– a cycle recycled hubris next to nothing.

i still don’t happen to have a set of dominoes. nor navigable friends in this sea of beings human that hath been reimparted to me. at least i’m an ineligible age.

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