the sun arose but i am in a dark place

but maybe i should admit that i was wrong wrong wrong, unprepared, and my expectations are too high.

i learned of the tribunal’s new arrangement and discovered the mirror trinity.

perhaps in seven days, i’ll be less morose.  this cold front keeps threatening to extinguish my heart even though i’ve finally remembered what my guardian Gargoyle always asserted to his father, what really happened.. i still want the Maori tattoo.. forgot about the syntheses..

stepped out under mourning/morning cloud cover to remind myself how boxing keeps my toes warm in my new orthopedic black crocodile skin slippers. more comfortable than the ones grandma florence johnson tendered to me when she realized i had entered into adolescence a bit early. a pretty penny cost, but that doesn’t cheer me in the slightest.

listening to as much KMFDM and MDFMK as I can stand, i am punching the shit out of this cold front to make Snow real.

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