kind of a heart to heart with the dude

pre 2000 i used to hang out on Internet Relay Chat
and in particular i loved to hang out in #Windows95 to help people keep their computers working just because i’m that awesome
and i also had a lot of philosophical questions at that age (13 and beyond) so i idled and gradually started participating in #atheism though I was skeptic
my participation in #atheism is what amped up my typing skill though
in the most heated debates, if you cannot be concise, driven, accurate, correctly effing punctuated, and above all FAST when there are like 4 other people arguing..
you don’t get your damn point across and no one cares, and it was hard for me to get the word in edgewise that i wanted..
because of
there was a formal courtesy of getting to know newcomers in chat rooms back then
so everyone knew i was a kid
so i had to fucking fight that meme off the bat in quadruplicate
so that’s where a lot of my intellectual tenacity comes from
isn’t just my dad, it was just to be taken seriously in formal roundtable philosophical debate with educated twats that were atheists that were wrong lol

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