humbled and helpless…. learning to pray.

this feeling of love moving universes for me to stay with my dad,
the light, i can’t begin to



doc had told me it’d be at least a week before he’d see nate, his former broker, again…
but i woke from my nap to this phone call,

My friend came here, and he fixed the internet, but he needs to talk to you!

….me trying to condense an explanation as to just exactly why he now even has a inexplicably weird password and he’d have to text me just to begin initiating such a remote secure information exchange, as well as explaining what a nightmarish experience it was to explain to doc’s eldest daughter face-to-face just exactly how i managed to even realize that (1) his accounts were under attack and (2) stop it in its tracks immediately and worry about everything else later

i may be strong but other strong women turn me into a helpless little icicle. i told him, “took me like 20 some minutes to try to explain something that shoulda taken 2”.

my apparatus of blood pumping is singing now!

I have to praise you like I should!

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