holy prophetic horseshit, i remember.

kino, fae, you may remember too. back during BC, prob s3 or so, me, donky, fae, riven, and rath (or occasionally demitrio) were doing 5s for gear and learning experience. we were struggling to stay above 1500 because we were pve casuals and we had a shitty comp but we were friends and thats what made it worth it to us.

and one day we got matched up against kal’s team, and they told us we should just back out, cause they were gonna destroy us. but we didn’t want to, because we wanted to learn and improve even if they were going to slaughter us.. but they were such cruel and unsportsmanlike asses when we weren’t able to kill any of them.. and then..
to add insult to injury, my twisting nether card proc’d and bruder actually killed me twice.  and i really can’t remember but we weren’t able to exit the match because they left donky there standing just so they could make fun of us before they killed him…

this made me cry.
and that was too much for my brethren, and i don’t know if it was donky (feleen) or fae that made the thread on the forum, but one of them made an “@ kallozar’s 5’s team” thread to call his team out on being such assclowns.  i don’t remember how the thread was opened, but i know there was some smack talk about how we were wasting their time.

i then spoke up, saying that i was just so shocked that such skilled players are so disrespectful to people who aspire to play at that level and want to learn to be that good. i think i was the one who actually put it there in plain sight that i actually did cry. i remember that my signature on the forum when i was in clutch was a Mars Volta lyric “I count the days to find what was left behind, only these names I clutch will lead me to my home.”

in my first post i didn’t admit to being a woman and bruder didn’t know, he came back with more twattery, like, “you think i give a shit because you’re some fail emo boy that QQd over losing a match?”

and i was like.. “If only your profound ignorance were worth my pity. I’m a woman, Bruder.”

so then all of the friends i had from both factions that actually paid attention to the greymane forums had to show up and be like, “oh shit, you made Snow cry? back the fuck off my Snow.” i think there were some passerby cheers too because there was just no way that kallo or bruder could come back to what i said. nothing but props to me for having that piercing boldness to admitting on a wow forum that losing an arena match made me cry (seriously, i was that truly disappointed in what turds they were being, i wanted to learn something from that experience.. but all they did was humiliate us for wasting their time).

knowing now what kind of man he is in real life, no wonder he remembered so well, he.. as a martial artist in real life, realizing that he made a grown woman cry.. he had to follow me, he had to make it up to me, he had to find a way, he needed to.. well, i’m beckoning now love, this is more than destiny my darling and you know it.

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