i have to admit, i’m having some strange sensations

i slept for what restfully felt like 4 or 5 hours but it was only one.. and I was stirred awake to the whispers of the crew asking me if i wanted to see his face.. and i forced myself awake. that’s your answer. nope, you know i don’t like spoilers, nope. having the pictures left as clues is enough for recognition, thanks.

they reminded me of the entities lagomorph and i waking-dreamed on February 1, 2003.

disillusioned, i knew we would someday be.

even that morning, though not partners, loving, one last goodbye became a passionate salute more than ten years ago, and after dawn broke and i turned on the news to a broadcast i had waking-seen in my very teens during those pseudo-seizures and unexplainable digital noise phenomena in my youth: you witnessed it lagomorph, i could not stop the tears from flowing as i saw the shuttle columbia catastrophe unfold in real time– as i had not merely foreseen, but been physically shown by others; or so i had been young and idealistic enough to believe.

my past ten years have been so tangled with mourning, chaos, suffering, and penance, a sentence i swore willingly to serve and would serve manifold again for this reward that i’ve been threatened with receiving. my only recipe for stability now is to dutifully deny any and all belief in the very identity i abide strongest of all in order to protect it completely, but isn’t that the reason for all of the poetry?

linguistic encryption, my grace in action

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