Marix was a prophet in his own right

I just wish he didn’t have such a goddamned common name. I don’t think I can find him ever again because his phone got disconnected a while back.. But I would recognize that tattoo in a heartbeat.
He was a dear friend here in Otoño, I met him on FFXI. He played a tarutaru WHM and we hung out.. I even took him to a Mars Volta concert with Rene. After the split up.
But I’m remembering how much I miss him, how he used to pick me up and take me out and just be a gentle friend to me. He didn’t trust women because he was a tender heart, and he had a dream when he was young, an extremely vivid dream.  So vivid that he learned to draw just so he could draw the woman from his dream and have her tattooed on his arm, along with the essence of what she said to him.

And he told me, when he explained it to me, that he had never even shown that tattoo to a woman before because of what it says but he trusted me, plus he knew what I had just gone through with Rene.

In this dream, this woman came to me, and she was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. I’ve always been shy, but she had a grace that made me surrender. She sat down next to me and held my hand. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Mijo, I’ve got to tell you something and you’ve got to take this to your heart and soul. You are a nice boy and women will hurt you if you are nice to them. But if you stay cold and calm and take care of yourself there is an angel waiting for you. So just keep this in mind… Trust no bitch.”

And he showed me.. awesome looking anime chick, sexy as hell. Trust No Bitch. That’s one of the reasons I started to distance myself from women as well though.. women have hurt me for different reasons. No matter how true a woman is not a single one has ever been as absolutely penetratingly loyal as my male friends have. I feel way too unhappy that I had my hopes up over seeing that lady friend today but here’s my life experience being reinforced all over again.

The day of the dead, I’m all for that shit. Good thing I stocked up on all that chambord..

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