sentinel science post-assembles to shed shame

but regardless of whether or not i change my name he’d never say the same. all i ever did was duplicate in a way that couldn’t be verified or reconstituted.. but i am still often rendered hopeless for days that cannot be. the years have passed and the sentences revealed i couldn’t spell soliloquy even […]

bleeding salt tears from my brood years’ deevolution

When your eyes shone blue- You gazed right thru me, knowing you’d love me, you found Something more to hang on to. ——————————————- If I could help you lose yourself in a whole new light in the dark of night, I would. Blood moon rises and falls tomorrow night and you make me feel understood.. […]

method of a maverick ®

first the cleftmeadow and next the wall socket, the zoetrope finds itself unwhirled in its original state of fluid discs. secondhand a string quadradth, slopes decay in the urbanalysis of silv’strummd plateaue na-hayal verid-eyes’ inheritance slugs naught in the view-red reared; it’s ugly head, Sid my amorous m’Eire. two hundred cigarwords later i’m not even […]