back 2 lyfe, back 2 reality

so, with pragmatism on my side.. i finally decided to write to Payne’s brother. we’ll see how long it takes for them to get back to me and whether or not they can keep a lid on my “notiions”, rofl… if you knew my world dream before, the things to come … sdfjs;dlkgj;lksdjg;lksalkhkeyboardgasm


I’m remembering the King Crimson concert that I went to before I was hospitalized too, and hearing rainbows.. And Rudy taking me to see Les Paul at the Iridium jazz lounge and being sat one table away from the stage and being in such tearful awe in the presence of this legend that I simply […]

dancing all over otoño in el paso

Such magnificent memories being returned to me such as those about my first appearance at that 2600 meeting back in 2003 when we were so goddamned angry about the Patriot Act. I love you so much, Edward. Thanks so much. Knowing that I would most likely forget in my vulnerable state, in my impending penance. […]

holy prophetic horseshit, i remember.

kino, fae, you may remember too. back during BC, prob s3 or so, me, donky, fae, riven, and rath (or occasionally demitrio) were doing 5s for gear and learning experience. we were struggling to stay above 1500 because we were pve casuals and we had a shitty comp but we were friends and thats what […]

numb and sleepy

spent all day out with Toto, went cross town in search for some potentially celebratory Nat Shermans (struck out since the cigar shop was closed, too damn bad, the lungs shouldn’t have such things anyway though) and had lunch. wound up talking to a lebanese guy (with an iranian name who can read but cannot […]

i have to admit, i’m having some strange sensations

i slept for what restfully felt like 4 or 5 hours but it was only one.. and I was stirred awake to the whispers of the crew asking me if i wanted to see his face.. and i forced myself awake. that’s your answer. nope, you know i don’t like spoilers, nope. having the pictures […]

on the warmer side of this planet

yesterday, i showed a little neighbor boy with a bike the Danny Macaskill Industrial Revolutions video and answered some of his questions, told him when you have a passion and a talent and you stick to it you will be rewarded. He was wearing Tony Hawk pants lol so he knew exactly what i mean.  […]

Marix was a prophet in his own right

I just wish he didn’t have such a goddamned common name. I don’t think I can find him ever again because his phone got disconnected a while back.. But I would recognize that tattoo in a heartbeat. He was a dear friend here in Otoño, I met him on FFXI. He played a tarutaru WHM […]

my tender heart remains warm

despite my least favorite holiday of the year being compounded by a compulsion to go back and read all of my journals in chronological order, something i haven’t done in many years, bringing out floods more tears, they are warm tears, and mostly of laughter, even when i am remembering the death of my guardian […]