tip that crescent cup

Marveling at the ways of man as for the first time I see with two hands, I’m doing all I can to earn the marriage of One for me. Perhaps our pendulums have all been arranged.. Vows written in brown crayon.. so deliberate and crafty. I hadn’t ever tried to write to her in verse, […]

the sun arose but i am in a dark place

but maybe i should admit that i was wrong wrong wrong, unprepared, and my expectations are too high. i learned of the tribunal’s new arrangement and discovered the mirror trinity. perhaps in seven days, i’ll be less morose.  this cold front keeps threatening to extinguish my heart even though i’ve finally remembered what my guardian […]

If you’re a lucky boy I’ll let you sneak a peek

Joshua insists that not only has it been clear for weeks, ever since I ahhhhherm. Broke his concentration training, and uhm.  Any of you gentlemen out there.. who have any sniper training… rofl. Nevermind that. I can use his first name.  It’s taken me so long to wrap my head and all of the brain […]

kind of a heart to heart with the dude

pre 2000 i used to hang out on Internet Relay Chat and in particular i loved to hang out in #Windows95 to help people keep their computers working just because i’m that awesome and i also had a lot of philosophical questions at that age (13 and beyond) so i idled and gradually started participating […]

uhmmmmm. (Please forgive me.)

I really did want to get my devices hooked up, but sometimes a girl just gotta get her vices turnt up.. Woke up with a charliehorse in the leg, which I don’t think has ever happened to me in El Paso before. Fortunately, today’s the day!….psych. I am going to the goddamned Radio shack alone […]

An ounce of game and the training to make a million G’s

Just pulled out of the best buy parking lot like a blistering storm of a woman who categorically despises shopping, with a smart tv, a new XBOX360 headset, and will be hooking the “fecal matter” up along with the DVR. Can’t wait to show my prince charming around Los Santos and sing those West Coast […]

humbled and helpless…. learning to pray.

this feeling of love moving universes for me to stay with my dad, the light, i can’t begin to   uncry ……. doc had told me it’d be at least a week before he’d see nate, his former broker, again… but i woke from my nap to this phone call, My friend came here, and […]

i am rejoicing so much my brosephs

thanks for unplugging the doc’s system, i’m so relieved right now.. so tired of helping him out i just needed a break. i’ll wrap things up with him when i can but i finally got the opportunity to explain to him candidly that my dad is in fact not going to live a whole lot […]