i think the clouds cry tears of laughter

i had a lot of errands to run on foot today, and skies seemed partly cloudy. i had to get Toto’s key copied and that was a bit of a walk. stopped for a paleo breakfast and decided to revisit the liquor store my father once forbid me from going back to.. (aside: when my […]

i never want to feel like i have to go into combat with my past

but jack of diamonds, who dutifully ignored my pleas to call in the one motherfucking lifelong promised favor that fucking promise he always fucking breaks every goddamn fucking time i need him he is never fucking there that manic depressive l;skdjg;lksdzjf;lsdkjgl;khahiah;ksldjfl;sdkjfdskljfklsj; FUCK this same shit happened but at least i know that it’s because no […]

tomorrow and yesterday but never today

i’ve got my feet on the ground and i don’t go to sleep to dream.  i don’t think much of the rest of that song applies.. but my gut, as perpetually empty as i’ve kept it lately as i simply have no hunger for any of these things that say eat me or any of […]

drink me

fortunately, Toto seems to have scrounged up a bottle of chambord. If only I could remember the taste of Marlboro to dream my Knight’s kiss.

even the stopped clock gives the right time twice a day

I’m so cold and confused and scared and I have not traveled so much and been around so many strangers in forever and i wrap myself in blankets in my darkened room and can’t rest, can’t love the sound of the music anymore and can’t understand why the damn time goes by so slowly like […]

after our first reunion, almost a year ago..

i had a dream about the tarnished knight. it had taken me hours upon hours upon hours to actually fall asleep, but when it finally came, i dreamed of him. no matter how faded in my memory that image of his face from the photograph that i can never recover may be happens to be, […]

he gave me a bandaid and i used it and

i’m in love now and i know for sure now there was no way i could resist it and perhaps he’s kept me at a distance all this time because he knew i was wounded and didn’t want me to get more tangled up inside than i already was. i am so scared to place […]

sewing the wounds while the seeds sprout

but my eyes are dry today, it’s no coincidence. i’ve run out of tears. i became overburdened with unwanted emotion and tried to fake normalcy and make good of my daily routine again but some other tragedy struck which hit me behind the knees and i tumbled to my ass.  i spent my past night […]