i think the clouds cry tears of laughter

i had a lot of errands to run on foot today, and skies seemed partly cloudy. i had to get Toto’s key copied and that was a bit of a walk. stopped for a paleo breakfast and decided to revisit the liquor store my father once forbid me from going back to.. (aside: when my […]

sadnesses failing to forge words

or merely to pose prose in form. sorry. just another lousy dead-end lonely-heart post. sorry. i’ve got that weight at the end of my silver string choirs of angels bellowing i don’t know what i was thinking. i could never pull it off. the biggest lie i could tell myself, why did i have to […]

set adrift, i caught myself on a buoy

the tarnished knight is so stoic and rarely expressive, i find myself being more radically honest with him than with anyone else. it’s successful often enough in getting him to talk and finding that we usually see eye to eye, and that’s how i’ve gotten to feel so keenly entwined with him, even if i’m […]

admit one and one are one

doesn’t matter how much i want to fill this void with sounds and sensations and landscapes, i have words and frustration right now, and the gravity is overwhelming at times. i have the most wonderful friend in the Cheshire Cat when he must be called upon, too often i find myself choosing to be alone […]

My Knight In Tarnished Amour

I might have said armor, but that would have been even less correct. To say I’ve known him a long time is incorrect. I’ve known of him a long time. I’ve followed him for a few years, but he hasn’t thrown me many bones. The times we’ve spent together have been intense but they’ve still […]

Brosephine Rule #1

Act like everything is just fine until it actually is. Drama avoided.  (Moral of the story: Bros and brosephines aren’t neurotic.)