ring around the rosetta stones

I had set off on a 45-minute tour and the fire had not yet crumbled into dusk. I was awash in laments as usual wishing that any number of things were possible right this very now. I can’t divide at that line every time we come to it, love. I can’t mark down the words […]

sentinel science post-assembles to shed shame

but regardless of whether or not i change my name he’d never say the same. all i ever did was duplicate in a way that couldn’t be verified or reconstituted.. but i am still often rendered hopeless for days that cannot be. the years have passed and the sentences revealed i couldn’t spell soliloquy even […]

the sun arose but i am in a dark place

but maybe i should admit that i was wrong wrong wrong, unprepared, and my expectations are too high. i learned of the tribunal’s new arrangement and discovered the mirror trinity. perhaps in seven days, i’ll be less morose.  this cold front keeps threatening to extinguish my heart even though i’ve finally remembered what my guardian […]

kind of a heart to heart with the dude

pre 2000 i used to hang out on Internet Relay Chat and in particular i loved to hang out in #Windows95 to help people keep their computers working just because i’m that awesome and i also had a lot of philosophical questions at that age (13 and beyond) so i idled and gradually started participating […]

i think the clouds cry tears of laughter

i had a lot of errands to run on foot today, and skies seemed partly cloudy. i had to get Toto’s key copied and that was a bit of a walk. stopped for a paleo breakfast and decided to revisit the liquor store my father once forbid me from going back to.. (aside: when my […]

sadnesses failing to forge words

or merely to pose prose in form. sorry. just another lousy dead-end lonely-heart post. sorry. i’ve got that weight at the end of my silver string choirs of angels bellowing i don’t know what i was thinking. i could never pull it off. the biggest lie i could tell myself, why did i have to […]

set adrift, i caught myself on a buoy

the tarnished knight is so stoic and rarely expressive, i find myself being more radically honest with him than with anyone else. it’s successful often enough in getting him to talk and finding that we usually see eye to eye, and that’s how i’ve gotten to feel so keenly entwined with him, even if i’m […]