bleeding salt tears from my brood years’ deevolution

When your eyes shone blue- You gazed right thru me, knowing you’d love me, you found Something more to hang on to. ——————————————- If I could help you lose yourself in a whole new light in the dark of night, I would. Blood moon rises and falls tomorrow night and you make me feel understood.. […]

tip that crescent cup

Marveling at the ways of man as for the first time I see with two hands, I’m doing all I can to earn the marriage of One for me. Perhaps our pendulums have all been arranged.. Vows written in brown crayon.. so deliberate and crafty. I hadn’t ever tried to write to her in verse, […]

If you’re a lucky boy I’ll let you sneak a peek

Joshua insists that not only has it been clear for weeks, ever since I ahhhhherm. Broke his concentration training, and uhm.  Any of you gentlemen out there.. who have any sniper training… rofl. Nevermind that. I can use his first name.  It’s taken me so long to wrap my head and all of the brain […]

’til dawn, i hadn’t been looking to my toes

my eyes to the sky, i only pointed to heaven with my nose, praying to Orion; as in my youth he knows– the ember in the other universe still glows. then light came and day broke, and in my mind my heart spoke but it was a lie, it’s always a fib, a fable, or […]