method of a maverick ®

first the cleftmeadow and next the wall socket, the zoetrope finds itself unwhirled in its original state of fluid discs. secondhand a string quadradth, slopes decay in the urbanalysis of silv’strummd plateaue na-hayal verid-eyes’ inheritance slugs naught in the view-red reared; it’s ugly head, Sid my amorous m’Eire. two hundred cigarwords later i’m not even […]

If you’re a lucky boy I’ll let you sneak a peek

Joshua insists that not only has it been clear for weeks, ever since I ahhhhherm. Broke his concentration training, and uhm.  Any of you gentlemen out there.. who have any sniper training… rofl. Nevermind that. I can use his first name.  It’s taken me so long to wrap my head and all of the brain […]

holy prophetic horseshit, i remember.

kino, fae, you may remember too. back during BC, prob s3 or so, me, donky, fae, riven, and rath (or occasionally demitrio) were doing 5s for gear and learning experience. we were struggling to stay above 1500 because we were pve casuals and we had a shitty comp but we were friends and thats what […]

i have to admit, i’m having some strange sensations

i slept for what restfully felt like 4 or 5 hours but it was only one.. and I was stirred awake to the whispers of the crew asking me if i wanted to see his face.. and i forced myself awake. that’s your answer. nope, you know i don’t like spoilers, nope. having the pictures […]

after our first reunion, almost a year ago..

i had a dream about the tarnished knight. it had taken me hours upon hours upon hours to actually fall asleep, but when it finally came, i dreamed of him. no matter how faded in my memory that image of his face from the photograph that i can never recover may be happens to be, […]

maybe through the looking glass, maybe not the future?

i suddenly realized i was swimming, or being held underwater, and holding my breath, and i believe my first instinct was to have grace and not panic but to focus and not let my heart rate spike. i was immediately aware that this was a testing facility and that this was not an attempt to […]

it’s been an awfully long week

if i have my headphones on, and the right song comes on, i shut my eyes, take a deep breath. for a second i can remember the smell of the wind when we were scaling that mountain hand in hand, and it was cold, but you kept your grip steady, you helped me press forward, […]