ring around the rosetta stones

I had set off on a 45-minute tour and the fire had not yet crumbled into dusk. I was awash in laments as usual wishing that any number of things were possible right this very now. I can’t divide at that line every time we come to it, love. I can’t mark down the words […]

she saved it for later

later, lincoln logged. he pursed his eyebrows at the pun she’d inevitably saddled him into. if ignorance is bliss, and redundancy increases data integrity, we had rows of angry and furious databases full of ideas at the ready for the impending rally.  we wanted to wake up, we had a reason, we had purpose that […]

If you’re a lucky boy I’ll let you sneak a peek

Joshua insists that not only has it been clear for weeks, ever since I ahhhhherm. Broke his concentration training, and uhm.  Any of you gentlemen out there.. who have any sniper training… rofl. Nevermind that. I can use his first name.  It’s taken me so long to wrap my head and all of the brain […]

even the stopped clock gives the right time twice a day

I’m so cold and confused and scared and I have not traveled so much and been around so many strangers in forever and i wrap myself in blankets in my darkened room and can’t rest, can’t love the sound of the music anymore and can’t understand why the damn time goes by so slowly like […]

after the eclipse the truth changed

and i lay in bed alone on my back, tears leaking from my closed eyes as my will to rest was betrayed again by restlessness. unrequited, or at least unacknowledged friendship..  i tell myself i’m better off alone and know it to be true but the torment will not exit my memory sequences and my […]

i’m just going to take a leap

shut my eyes a second, remind myself that no one else reads these things anyway, and say what i only wanted to say to myself anyway. i want for him to decide he needs to forge his way through the other universe and see me, i want that one Knight whose ember smoulders for only […]

This is my first time, so please, be gentle.

Just kidding. This is just my first time in years trying to keep a normal journal after the advent of social media and ubiquitous smartphones and tablets. I do like this a lot, but I should cut to the chase. I just turned 30 and I feel like my life has barely begun. I had […]