[93P0 Heries] White rabbit, preparing to be issued Caduceus directive <Carrie> So you’re going to have to go SXSW to be some cookie dough, boi, and remember to bring an empty pail and china bowl.. cause [Mirandumble] Yeah, we definitely need a woman as the line cook this time for even more sighs to lessen […]


reusable breadsticks and birdlogs? having ed’s keys is pretty cool, but it’s boring to count debt.  counting draculas is so much better.  firing kisses from the necks of my drivers is also pretty cool, and hugging a sycamore is really erotic in Oz. having mounted my own keister with a can of rockstar/punched to drink […]

tip that crescent cup

Marveling at the ways of man as for the first time I see with two hands, I’m doing all I can to earn the marriage of One for me. Perhaps our pendulums have all been arranged.. Vows written in brown crayon.. so deliberate and crafty. I hadn’t ever tried to write to her in verse, […]

the sun arose but i am in a dark place

but maybe i should admit that i was wrong wrong wrong, unprepared, and my expectations are too high. i learned of the tribunal’s new arrangement and discovered the mirror trinity. perhaps in seven days, i’ll be less morose.  this cold front keeps threatening to extinguish my heart even though i’ve finally remembered what my guardian […]

If you’re a lucky boy I’ll let you sneak a peek

Joshua insists that not only has it been clear for weeks, ever since I ahhhhherm. Broke his concentration training, and uhm.  Any of you gentlemen out there.. who have any sniper training… rofl. Nevermind that. I can use his first name.  It’s taken me so long to wrap my head and all of the brain […]

uhmmmmm. (Please forgive me.)

I really did want to get my devices hooked up, but sometimes a girl just gotta get her vices turnt up.. Woke up with a charliehorse in the leg, which I don’t think has ever happened to me in El Paso before. Fortunately, today’s the day!….psych. I am going to the goddamned Radio shack alone […]